Zhenjiang Ruikang Hospital Official Account Notice

Zhenjiang Ruikang Hospital Official Account Notice

posted on 2023-05-15 14:06

Now that a hundred flowers are competing on various Internet platforms, platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, and Douyin have successively received a large number of operators. More and more hospital operators are also putting their promotion energy on the Internet, and WeChat, as a social platform with 1.3 billion monthly active users, has more and more merchants using WeChat official accounts in the self-media era.



After communicating with Zhenjiang Ruikang Hospital, we learned that their main demand is to accurately notify users who need it when online vaccines or packages are launched and offline activities. User registration and login in advance will not affect subsequent purchases. After sorting out the requirements, we listed several requirements scenarios.

  1. Live online. When the online live broadcast of health lectures is held in the hospital, a system that can regularly notify is needed. Tweets are published in advance to insert subscription notifications. Interested users will subscribe to prevent missing the free training if they forget the start time.
  2. offline activity. Hospitals sometimes carry out free clinics for customers or exchange activities among employees, and they also need to notify everyone.
  3. Vaccines and physical examination packages are launched. When various vaccines are launched, the supply is often in short supply, but many people who need vaccines cannot get the vaccines. Generally, hospitals will post tweets on the official account in advance, but many people still forget, or When it’s time to buy, you still need to register and log in and a series of cumbersome processes. By the time you can buy it, the shelves are already empty. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to notify users before the vaccine or medical examination package goes online, so that users can prepare in advance to buy vaccines.


Why choose Yanlin?

When choosing an information technology company for software development, Zhenjiang Ruikang Hospital finally chose Yanlin after multiple choices. The reason for making such a choice is because of Yanlin's advantages in technology and service. Yan Lin has been deeply involved in the industry for eight years, and the technology is also continuously iteratively updated and innovated. The company owns the world's leading Amazon cloud cooperative certification software, and also has a number of independent software copyrights.


Train of thought

Through sorting and analyzing the needs, we have grasped the core needs of users and sorted out the following solutions.

  1. After investigating the subscription notice of WeChat official account, it was found that hospitals can choose long-term subscription and one-time subscription. However, due to the strict application conditions for long-term subscription, they only use one-time subscription for the time being and help customers apply for long-term subscription qualifications.
  2. To make a subscription notification system, a very important issue is how to make it convenient for users to subscribe to notifications. Hospitals usually send tweets two days before the event, so subscription notifications can be inserted in tweets to encourage users to click to subscribe.
  3. To send a notification, the administrator needs to synchronize the background template of the WeChat official account to the Yanlin official account system management, and then select the required notification template, add details and send
  4. During the sending process, does the administrator need to check the previously sent notifications for comparison? And do you need to know how many subscriptions there are to determine the popularity of an event?
  5. The subscription notification of the WeChat official account may fail to be sent when sending. For example, the sent graphic message violates the rules, the user cancels the subscription notification after subscribing, and the information is not filled in. These are all reasons that may lead to the failure of sending. So what should the manager do if it fails during the sending process?
  6. With hundreds of thousands of fans, how to ensure that the system is stable enough, how to make the system elastically expand during the sending process from a few messages to hundreds of thousands of messages, and ensure the accuracy and stability of sending?


According to these needs and solutions, we have proposed various solutions according to different situations.

  1. In the notification management list display, the historical number of subscribers and the current number of subscribers of each notification template are displayed, and the data status is displayed in real time 【Picture 1】.
  2. Add a log to the notification management, you can check the sending status of the same template in other time periods in the log, and you can check the reason for the sending failure when the sending fails, so that the operator can understand the reason in time and make modifications according to the situation.
  3. The preview function is added when sending. Operators can preview before sending notifications to subscribed WeChat users, and send the preview information to the pre-set previewer WeChat. After confirming that it is correct, it will be sent to subscribed WeChat users uniformly, which is greatly optimized. Improve the user experience and reduce the probability of errors.
  4. If tens of thousands of notifications are sent, as long as the system detects that one user fails to send, the background will prevent the remaining notifications from being sent.
  5. The official account of Zhenjiang Ruikang Hospital has hundreds of thousands of fans, which is also a very severe test for the system. Yan Lin's technical architect also considered a large number of fan subscriptions to make the system elastically scalable. Issues sent by hundreds of thousands of subscribers, from a few to hundreds of thousands, are seamlessly sent, and the sending needs are successfully resolved.


【Picture 1】

Interactive feedback

After tracking and listening to user feedback in the later stage, we concluded that two new requirements have been added.

  1. Follow the second message 【Picture 2】. In the background of the WeChat official account, you can only reply to a message after paying attention, and you can only reply to text or pictures, which is too monotonous. Now I want to adopt the form of pictures and texts, the effect will be richer, the information will be conveyed, and it will also increase fans' awareness of the official account.
  2. Statistical needs. I want to be able to see the increase in the number of subscribers of the templates that are repeatedly used in the tweets of the official account every month.


【Picture 2】

According to the new demand, we added a statistical module in the system by digging out the real purpose of customers, and counted the data on the notification management page 【Picture 3】 and the click volume of each menu in the custom menu, mainly for the sending of each template The statistics of the quantity, the number of historical new subscriptions and the number of clicks, as well as the statistical analysis of the clicks of each menu and the proportion of clicks, and the year-on-year statistical analysis of the menu clicks are added to increase the operational value of the system.


【Picture 3】