Application Scenario

Activity warm-up

Event Preheating

Before the event, the company sends a tweet on the official account with a subscription notification, and the user subscribes to the tweet. Before the event starts, the administrator sends a subscription notification, and these users can receive the notification directly.
Know the potential user scale in advance

Know the potential user scale in advance

The company plans to hold an event, but it is not sure how many people are actually interested, and how many gifts need to be prepared. By subscribing to the notification mode, we can know in advance how many people are really interested.
Message Reminder

Message reminder

The user shares the promotion tweet to Moments, and the friend subscribes to the notification in the tweet, so when the event starts, even if they do not follow the official account, they can receive the reminder of the start of the event.

The data display is clearly visible

Let you know at a glance
Subscribe user message group

Subscribe user message group

Used for official accounts to send important service notifications to subscribed user groups, which can be edited according to templates and support WeChat preview effects.

Custom Menu

Freely change the bottom menu bar of the official account.
Custom menu
Default reply after following

Default reply after attention

After following the official account, a message pops up actively, and the second message is sent.