Catering franchise

Catering ERP

Provide digital management services for the catering franchise industry, helping catering brand enterprises from the opening of new stores of franchisees to the digital management of the daily procurement process of franchisees.
WeChat Official Account subscription notification

WeChat Official Account

The official account can set subscription functions in scenarios such as graphic messages and web pages. It can effectively warm up activities, know the scale of users in advance, and establish a closer stickiness with users.
WeChat applet

WeChat Mini Program

WeChat applets do not need to be downloaded, just click and use. We provide WeChat Mini Program solutions for different industries, including catering, maternity, housekeeping, flowers, fruits, clothing, beauty salons, etc.

Full-stack digital capabilities

rich practices and mature tools

Mature Tools
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Yanlin is the choice of medical care, catering, housekeeping, e-commerce and a wider range of industries
Nanjing Pinqinxuan CateringNanjing Pinqinxuan Catering
Nanjing Pinqinxuan Catering
In the past, the process of relying on WeChat groups and DingTalk to manage franchisees was extremely complicated, and it was difficult to trace the source of problems. Thanks to Yanlin's catering franchise chain ERP system, it not only enhances the work efficiency of employees, but also improves the satisfaction of franchisees.
Nuo Renjie HousekeepingNuo Renjie Housekeeping
Nuo Renjie Housekeeping
We found that customers are more willing to place orders online, especially for young people. Online consumption habits have allowed us to win the favor of more young customers. As a self-operated brand, our work in attracting investment and franchising also benefits from Yanlin's housekeeping applet system.
Zhenjiang Ruikang HospitalZhenjiang Ruikang Hospital
Zhenjiang Ruikang Hospital
Since the use of the Yanlin public account subscription notification system, the hospital's operating costs in publicity have been greatly reduced, and it can also be adjusted and updated in a timely manner according to operational needs.
Shanghai Xuanlong GardeningShanghai Xuanlong Gardening
Shanghai Xuanlong Gardening
The application of the wholesale mall allows our supermarket franchisees to place orders online, which greatly reduces our workload in the past. Whether it is settlement or management, our labor costs have been greatly reduced.
Nanjing Pinqinxuan Catering
Nuo Renjie Housekeeping
Zhenjiang Ruikang Hospital
Shanghai Xuanlong Gardening
Digital TransformationDigital Transformation

Enterprise Digital Transformation

With data as the core, drive enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and the benefits continue to grow
cloud computing
Sinking Market
Digital Twin
Digitization is an advanced stage of information technology development. With the rapid development of a new generation of digital technology, all walks of life use digital technology to create more and more value.


We provide customers with a standardized e-commerce operation management system, and at the same time support customized e-commerce systems to meet customers' unique e-commerce scenarios.
SaaS Entrepreneurship FranchiseSaaS Entrepreneurship Franchise

SaaS Entrepreneurial Franchise

As one of the world's leading Amazon cloud cooperative certification software product suppliers, we look forward to working hand in hand with like-minded business partners to provide global customers with high-quality, more reliable digital solutions.
Enterprise on the cloudEnterprise on the cloud

Enterprise on the cloud

Yanlin provides in-depth technical support from Amazon Cloud and Alibaba Cloud to help enterprises migrate applications to the cloud at low cost and efficiently. Multi-Availability Zone deployment, more stable applications, and more secure data.


Amazon cloud
Amazon cloud
Ali Cloud
Ali Cloud
Jira Software
Jira Software